Should you opt for Global CFA amidst Covid-19?

Here is a good news for all the finance enthusiasts out there. Today, we are joined by a finance and investment veteran, Deepika Shenolikar, who is a CFA and Risk Professional. She has come forward to share her perspective on the Global CFA Program and whether one should opt for it or not amidst Covid-19.

Deepika has also been kind enough to recommend some topics that any finance & investment enthusiast should have a strong grip on and some books that are highly recommended in this profession.

Deepika Shenolikar on Global CFA

In Deepika's Words:

Decoding Career as an Investment Professional: Opting for Global CFA?

Amidst global financial crisis 2008-09 and now current pandemic COVID-19, unforeseen uncertainty loomed and this impacted the Investment Industry with accelerating tran