How to Become a Professor in India? Complete Career Guide in Lectureship

When I was pursuing my degree from the Delhi School of Economics, I used to have this amazing professor named Dr. Shanti Lal Bhushan who used to teach us the subject of statistics. The way he taught us amazes me to this very day. Every concept that he taught in class is still as fresh and crystalline in my mind as vegetables from some fertile organic farm.

I guess it was his unique teaching style which has contributed so much to me wanting to be a mentor myself someday, so much so that I even use some of the same analogies to teach my students about economics, that he used to teach me with.

Having said that, in this blog I have written about how to become a professor in India. Now, I cannot guarantee that the information that I have given in this article will make you the next Shanti Lal, but through this article, you'll surely get to know everything there is to know about how to become a professor, assistant professor, or a lecturer, apart from the aforementioned, skills needed become a college professor, and the duties of a professor/assistant professor. Now, without wasting any more of your time let’s look into the first topic.

Anuj Jindal