How to Handle a Stress Interview during MBA Admissions?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

You never know which interview of yours may turn out to be a stress interview. My IIM Ahmedabad interview was a stress interview for a while in-between.

How do you ace a stress interview?

In order to handle it, you first need to identify when the interviewer is trying to switch to a stress mode. It really helps to build the peace of mind required at that time.

How can you identify a stress interview?

When the interviewer starts asking you questions, which reveal his judgement about you, it is safe to assume that it is a stress interview. For example, I was asked, “Do you even remember the economics that was taught to you at your college or is it too old a story for you to remember?” Then, there was another statement like, “You’re so confused, tell me the final answer quickly”.

Now, the reason why a candidate may get bogged down by such statements is that it creates self-doubt. One may wonder if what he/she is saying is being judged wrongly by the interviewer based on the remarks that are being shared.