IIM Kozhikode Stress Interview Experience | Jayant Singhal

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

When I used to read IIM interview experiences, I often came across stress interviews and wondered, "How would I tackle a Stress Interview if I ever get to face one?" Today, a blog member shared his IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience and it was a flashback to those times of reading nail-biting interview experiences.

Jayant Singhal is an economics honours graduate from Hansraj College, Delhi University and has some months of experience in the consulting domain. He will be joining IIM Lucknow (Batch of 2022). This is his IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience that took place a couple of months back:

IIM Kozhikode Campus Interview
Image Credits: Tanveesh, IIM-K Official Handle

In Jayant's Words:

IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience: