Scoring Low in CAT Mocks? This IIM Ahmedabad Student was in the Same Boat as You ft. Divya Vaid

CAT aspirants often ask for the mock scores of CAT toppers just to see if they're right on track or if there is any hope to bounce back after a series of low mock scores. Let me present to you the story of Divya Vaid, who is all set to join IIM Ahmedabad (Batch of 2022) after pursuing her graduation from SSCBS and scoring 99.27 percentile in the CAT exam.

Divya told me that she wants to write on this topic as at this stage a lot of CAT aspirants become troubled and may lose motivation because of low mock scores and having faced a time when her mock scores were not as high as the rest of her batch, she thought that this is the right time to share her journey with you all.

So, let's welcome her and hear what she has to share.

Divya Vaid IIMA CAT Low CAT Mock Scores
Divya Vaid

In Divya's Words: