WAT Topics - IIM Lucknow

Updated: May 4

This post contains the list of topics that have been asked for the Written Ability Test (WAT) in the IIM Lucknow interviews conducted to date at different venues:


  • Politicians are not respected anymore. Comment.

  • Sports is a better career than management.

  • US China trade war is not a zero sum game.

  • Are bullet trains really needed in India?

  • Glass ceiling still exists.

  • Is intelligence hereditary?

  • Greed is good. (Time limit: 20 mins)?

  • There needs to be more spending on primary education compared to university, in India.

  • Artificial Intelligence - The future or just a buzz?

  • There should be no mandatory attendance in B-Schools.


  • It’s high time that the Indian government shifts its focus from manufacturing sector to the agricultural sector.

  • Happiness is a state of mind.

  • Right to Information(RTI) Act should be applicable to Political Parties and Media.

  • Political parties should be funded by state and not by industrialists or public donations.

  • There is no wrong time to do the right thing.

  • India is a hot bed for technological breakthroughs and innovations due to its regional diversity.

  • Subsidy to IITs and NITs is a waste of tax payers money.

  • Should Happiness Index be used in place of GDP as an indicator of economic progress?

  • Non violence has lost its relevance today.

  • With greater risks come greater successes.


  • Has the world politics taken a right wing turn? (15 minutes)

  • Topic was UN is a failed organization.

  • Taking risks can either result in great profits or losses


  • Should India continue with the space missions when there is so much poverty around?

  • Highly intelligent students have difficult time at B-schools. 

  • Entrepreneurs can learn some things only from other entrepreneurs.

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