WAT Topics - New IIMs (CAP)

Updated: May 4

This post contains the list of topics that have been asked for the Written Ability Test (WAT) in the New IIM (CAP) interviews conducted to date at different venues:


  • Success of an educational institution depends on placements it provides and the no of research papers it publishes in a year. Write your own review about it.

  • Something on the lines whether technology is good or bad for the current industry scenario.

  • Regarding relevance of MeToo movement.

  • What are your views on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in Indian society? What future course of action should be taken to address this?

  • The success of educational institutions should be measured based on placements and the number of faculties.

  • Can Public Transport help in reducing Traffic woes of Major cities and do you think the government has done enough to improve public transport?


  • Is Man the most dangerous animal on planet earth?

  • Air pollution become a major problem in many parts of India. What are the causes and what are your suggestions to solve it?

  • Should India also try to do medical courses like china for barefoot doctors to prevent overcrowding of hospitals?

  • Sharing everything about life on social media. Your take on this trend.

  • Why is India called the land of festivals? How are festivals important for India?

  • As doctors provides essential services to community, should they go on strike?

  • India is keen on boosting digital transactions. Why are digital transactions important? Why has India failed to achieve so despite many efforts?

  • Should writers be free of express their views even if it challenges beliefs of certain individuals or groups?

  • Do the children of politicians and businessman perform better in the same profession than the outsiders? State your opinion in 300 words in 20 minutes.

  • As technology develops, we will have less travelling for work. Discuss the implications of this on Social and Work life of individuals.

  • Today people tend to put the most mundane and little things of their life on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. What are your views on it?

  • How digital photography and cinematography is making everything virtual reality? Would it replace real zoos with virtual zoos? If yes what would be its impact?

  • With increasing influence of technology in our lives, is there even a need for digital?


  • Effect of Facebook and Twitter on our Personal and Public Life

  • Weddings and restaurants have different varieties of food and most of the time a large amount goes waste. In a country like India, we cannot afford that. What are your thoughts about the same?

  • ‘Freedom of expression in digital media’.

  • If you were to start a business, what would that be, what steps you will take?

WAT Topics of:

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